Getting Library not Registered when running SQL Server Management Studio

There are some cases when you install SQL Server 2005 SP2 on a x64 machine that some DLLs are not properly registered and this cause some problems when you run SQL Server Management Studio and you try to manage an Integration Services instance, the error you get is the following


Library not Registered


There are several post around that suggest to unregister and register the following DLLs: DTS.dll and MsDtsSrvrUtil.dll using the regsvr32 utility. In some cases this will work but in other it really doesn’t helps you still keep getting the same error.

One workaround to solve this problem is to reinstall de SQL Server Management Tools, to do this you must follow this procedure:


– In Control Panel – Programms – Select the SQL Server Instance and then the Uninstall/Change option.




– This will open the SQL Server installation and then you choose to remove the Management Tools

– Restart the machine

– Go again to the Control Panel to modify the installed SQL Server instance and then rerun the setup using the Uninstall/Change option

– Select the Management Tools to reinstall them

– Once again you have a fully functional Management Studio


Best Regards,


Dr. Eduardo Castro Martinez

Microsoft SQL Server MVP


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